The Creative Lab Five

This year, Google Creative Lab is inviting exceptional creatives to apply for a one year paid gig and collaboration.

As a Fiver, you'll work on projects big, small, and first of their kind within Google. You'll be paired with a mentor and work closely with other creatives.

Fivers are an essential part of the Creative Lab. It's how a lot of our current leaders started.

But what is Google Creative Lab?

A team of designers, writers, programmers, filmmakers, producers and business thinkers that spend 99.9% of our time making. We are a small team that pushes for an impact that outweighs our footprint. Our job is to help invent Google’s future and communicate Google’s innovations in ways that make them useful to more people.

Just a few Fiver projects:

clip of man running, assisted by guidelines technology animation of computer and newspaper video of man dancing overlaid with text Clip of looking glass movie screen capture of teachable machine website picture of jaquard fabric picture of a semi-conductor experirment video of parisian love ad Shared Piano Image of Look to Speak

Still have questions?

What kind of work will I be doing?

Depends on the day. You’ll be deeply immersed in the Creative Lab and you’ll have the chance to work on things that matter, big and small. Initiative always counts. If you have a great idea, it will be heard.

What are the creative disciplines of a Fiver?

We’re looking for writers, visual and motion designers, creative technologists, and filmmakers. We love a wild card; if you do good work that matters, we don’t care what your superpower is.

Is this an internship?

No. This is a paid gig and a chance to do real work on projects that impact Google and the world.

Where is it?

This year we will host Fivers in our New York and London offices.

When is it?

We’ll work with you to identify a start and end date that fits with your schedule. Each Fiver’s engagement will be a one year gig, starting in mid-to-late summer.

Do I get paid?

Yes, via our staffing partner. You are paid hourly & eligible for overtime.

When are applications due?

We will be accepting applications and reviewing portfolios through August 1, 2023.

What are the requirements?

You must legally be able to work in the US or UK.

You need an online portfolio. Some thoughts:

- Ideas come first, but craft and presentation matters.

- Demonstrate that you can go from the conception of an idea to a final manifestation.

- Show that you understand the unique capabilities of your primary work medium (code, written word, design, film, etc.).

- Be original.

Your submission form:

Due to the volume of applicants we can no longer accept submissions.
Thanks for your interest in Creative Lab Five and look forward to doing it again next year!